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Galactic API

Access dark cause-and-effect data alongside powerful
graph-like analytical capabilities.

Find cause-and-effect relationships in a RESTful API giving your team live access to new data as it emerges. 

Graph search

Explore how millions of biomedical entities connect together. ㅤㅤ


Causal inference



Find different types of relationships between concepts, as well as relationship properties.

Regulation of abundance / activity


Covalent modification

Transcriptional regulation

Gene expression

Mentions and Documents

See the exact sentence and document from which a relationship was found, including its context.

Journal and Web articles

Clinical trials


Grants and Patents

Drug labels

“Biorelate has managed to more efficiently discover relevant aspects for our projects."

Peter Groenen
Head of Translational Science

A wide array of endpoints can be plugged into existing interfaces, unleashing the power of Galactic AI™ in combination with other tools.

Products & services

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