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Galactic Web

Search dark biomedical data in a powerful insights driven interface.

Using the power of Galactic AI™, Galactic Web is Biorelate's window to all the auto-curated data captured from millions of articles.

Galactic Web lets you build intuitive queries and explore the results through different views that best suit your research needs.


Find the most relevant articles using Galactic Web’s powerful deep search functionality. 

Systematic reviews

Search across journals, clinical trials, patents & more

Same sentence / section search

Follow concepts

Build nested queries

Cause-and-effect paths

Discover how different entities connect together across different research articles.

Drug-disease relationships

Pharmacodynamic biomarkers

Drug repurposing

Target deconvolution

Mechanism of action


Explore known biomarkers documented across biomedical research.



Proteins / Diseases search


Look beyond co-occurrence to find cause-and-effect links in biomedicine.






Experts & organisations

Identify and rank over 16 million experts and 30 thousand organisations. Galactic AI™ is able to tell the difference between authors of the same name, to more accurately assert expertise.

Finding key opinion leaders

Competitive intelligence

Finding collaborators

Due diligence

Market research

How to

Find out some of the many ways you can use Galactic Web to help with your research.

How Galactic can support same sentence searches

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How Galactic can support causal searches

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How Galactic can enhance your quick pragmatic literature reviews

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"The collaboration between Biorelate has been extremely productive and we look forward to working together on future developments."

Professor Ruth Roberts
Co-Founder and Director of Apconix

Products & services

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